1. Christine, this is one of my favorite things you have written ❤ Other than In This Life of course 😘 I love that your living your life how you want. Not anyone else. It’s always the little things in the end. Love you!

  2. I have wondered for several years now how this increasing need to post every moment of our lives to prove how “fantastic” they are will play out. And what I surmise is an increase in depression and emptiness, and a decrease in satisfaction and fulfillment. When we’re so focused on sharing the moment we’re in the middle of we forget to savor and enjoy the moment for what it is. The focus becomes how many “likes” we get for the post and how many people comment … even while in the midst of what has been captured. The focus is turned from the moment to what others are saying and expressing and not what we are feeling. A dangerous shift in dynamics when people’s reactions to YOUR moment in time becomes more important than the moment itself.

    You have been working hard and pushing boundaries, and your travel schedule has increased, which having once traveled frequently, I know can be draining. We need the quiet moments to help fill us back up. It’s odd in a way because you’re all over the place, and I am isolated, but we are both expanding our horizons both personally and professionally, and the need to post all the time is decreased, in large part because our satisfaction with our lives has increased.

    1. And what do we teach the next generation who are starved for authenticity and fulfillment in this ever-increasingly superficial digital world about joy? That joy is shown to us by others or experienced by us in moments? Love you, LK. Great post, Christine!

  3. I’m re-learning that too. Going out with friends and family and not having to post our group pictures or what we ate. I still do, occasionally 😊 but you are so correct in saying that there is comfort in the quiet. Great comfort, actually. Let’s continue to enjoy this chapter. May we have even more of it in our lives as we grow older.

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