1. I’m excited for a “Christine Brae happy book”! I’m a fan, but of course you already know that. But I also notice things that readers (friends, reviewers I follow, and even myself) find less enjoyable to read about …cheating, love triangles, and wishy-washy, indecisive characters. I think every book needs conflict of some kind–even fluffy books have *some* bit of conflict otherwise there really isn’t a story. Too much drama and angst kind of breaks our spirit, though. I can read it, but I have to be in a good frame of mind and I usually have to chase it with some mindless fluff to take the edge off. Of course, everyone is different. I’m not a fan of alphas, dirty talk and so-forth, but I know those books are popular. I think we all like the conflicts settled in a reasonable time frame and, in the end, we hope for all the “good” characters to be happy or at least hopeful.

    I constantly check the NYT bestseller lists, but I’m often baffled by some of the books that make it there. Many of the worst books I’ve ever read have been on that list. Many authors who consistently put out books that seem to have skipped editing make it to that list with every new release (wish I could name some names here 😉 ). And I think “maybe it’s just me”, but it isn’t, because other people are writing the same unfavorable reviews that I am compelled to write. I guess it takes a mastermind and lot of hype to get the level of sales to sell a horribly-written book. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like the book once they buy it; it just seems to matter that they bought it to begin with.

    Anyway, good luck and I look forward to Eight Goodbyes! 🙂

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