The Gift of 2020

Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? 2020 will be over in two weeks! And despite the monotony and routine of the past nine months, the holidays have managed to sneak up on us.  This should be a time of celebration, of retrospect and gratitude for the year that passed. But for some of us, it doesn’t feel that way. The world is in pain. And we are in desperate need of healing.

We have all had to deal with the devastation of this pandemic – some of our experiences are more profound than others. But All have been lifechanging – whether it was brought about by loss, or failure, or other challenges – our hearts have had to deal with some reckoning.

The meaning of life, its brevity, its inequity – it smacked us in the face, caught us off guard. But it also cloaked us in love and support. We huddled together, gathered strength from each other, enough to weather the onslaught of this storm.

So, what if we took this as our gift? What if the time we spent changing perspectives, loving more, valuing more, and appreciating more, is the gift that 2020 has given us? And what if we took a step back and recognized just how the way we LOVED has changed us?

This year, my wish for you is that you revel in the love that is with you now, celebrate the love that you had before and live in the love that will help you carry on. Because that’s what this season is about. And whatever your faith, may that star up in the heavens that is shining so bright with hope, lead you to your peace.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Thank you for the gift of your love.


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