It was a last minute decision – but when told about this once in a lifetime opportunity, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be there in person? Before that, I’d been booking and canceling trips since March -despite envying my friends who seemed to be traveling freely.

So last week when we found out that we would be on the Nasdaq board, I faced my fears and did it! Flew to NYC for two days and boy, was I glad I did. It was a much needed break for me, a chance to regroup and clear my head after eighteen months of staying in the same place. And given that I was on a plane a few times a month before the pandemic, my heart, my mind, my soul – they welcomed it.

Not only was I able to witness such an epic event….I also got to shop, to revisit old jaunts and places, and to see some very dear, dear friends. Some expectedly and some, well, unexpectedly.

So, NYC – thank you for always being the place where my dreams always come true. You’re my lucky charm. My respite, the place where I found myself, my place of memories.

Where the Sun Rises comes out in March of 2022. We are so excited to introduce you to the Second Book in the universe we are creating together.

Thanks to all for your love and support!

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