1. But why must you be made to choose? Every side of you works together to create the beautiful you. When you are forced to give up a side, would you not lose that you?

  2. Im sorry you feel like you have to gove something up. I wish that would never be a choice for anyone, especially when it is 2 things that can both make you happy. Forget what everyone says and be both. Your a strong woman. You an inspiration to me. 💜

  3. So sad you had to make a choice, but I remember all the time and hard work you put into your career. Hoping things work out for the best for you.😍

  4. I think sometimes you have to be both. It’s what makes you the special person you are.
    Why must you you sacrifice one for the other . My creative side is what soothes my soul so I am able to do the job I must do.
    Love you

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