1. I don’t think I can love this more, Christine. You nailed it. This is confidence in being different is something I’ve been trying to accept about myself lately. It is hard to feel different in this social media world when we put ourselves on a platter to be judged by everyone we’ve ever known on a regular basis.
    Thank you.

    ♥- Ashley

    1. It’s not easy, Ashley – that’s why we have to always stay grounded. At the end of the day, the people who love us are the only ones that matter. And they are the ones who will never judge.

  2. This had me tearing up! It is a struggle for me to outwardly be the person I really am, instead of the person others perceive me as. I used to wonder if there was ever really a difference between those two, but now I know there is. It’s a decision I have to make daily. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, it really touched my heart!

    1. thank you, kacy! as long as your choices are yours and they represent your heart, you’ll only have yourself to contend with. xo

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