1. This is beautiful. Your words always leave me breathless. And btw….now I wanna read the book even worse! Can’t wait!!! Xxoo

    Also, I can’t wait til I get down by you to meet you and have our talk we always say we will. You are such a remarkable woman I crave the day I get to talk with you!

  2. I share the same feelings you do in terms of nothing being original, and I find myself boring of books easily. I don’t like the same things others say I ought to like, and I’ve learned that life is too short and it’s okay to close a book I am not into; it won’t make me a bad person as I had originally thought. And, I guess I’d be considered Picky as Fuck as well…

    While I was aware that I need this book in my life, I wasn’t aware of the severity of that need until now. Your words speak to the heart of not only the readers, but to the heart of the creator of the worlds herself, Tarryn Fisher. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book, since I feel it will be her best yet, for sure.

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